Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lets PRAY for Indonesia :)

Hey I'm Anissa Amalia Sofika and just call me Nissa :) 

i stay in a beautifully city and also referred as "Kota Pelajar",that its Yogyakarta..
in Yogyakarta you will get a lot of javanesse culture.. for Example : Dance,songs,kebaya,foods,and many more
Ohya ! in Yogyakarta you can see the scenery of Merapi Mountain,in here you can feel so naturally and relax..but now Merapi just oly mount of grey and making people restless :( i so sadly.. I'ts a disaster.
A volcano was angry and took out the entrails of of the earth,everyday each person is always aware of the eruption the volcano.
Every minute,second and hour i pray and wish.. Hopefully all can be fine :)
Sometimes i remember my friends and boyfriends..hope they are always in the shelter of GOD :'(
I miss their laughter together and crazy together,HAHAHA :))
hemm you want to know my ovely best friend? If yes you can speak 'Nissa is very beautiful!' haha LOL
My lovely best friend is 'Dyah Ayu Probowati',Nindyah Ayu T.K',and Dea Rizki C.S.H' and many more (yg blm ke tulis maap yak) except 'Nananina' you know? pls keep silent yak ! :P
They are some of my best friend ..

Dyah,she is kindly and have a high enough sense of humor haha
and Nindyah or called Ninien,she is have a curly hair it looks very beautiful..Woaaaaw :0
and Dea Rizki,if you don't know her,you would think she is was Tomboyish.. because she is have a cool face but   she still has a pretty face ;;) wkwkwk

HAHAHA YAK ! got a here first story,i'll continue ... :* :) :D 
THANK'S ! love you guys  <3

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